How to host a TSF Watch Party

In 2017, TSF is going to try a new approach to away match watching parties.  Instead of having a pre-determined location for each away match organized by the club leadership, we are going to put the power in our members’ hands to host watch parties at the locations and for the matches that they have the most interest in.  This will allow you to host events at your favorite pub, in your neighborhood, or even in your own home and invite other TSF members to join you.

In order to host your own TSF watch party, we ask that you follow these simple steps.

  1. Pick a location — it can be a pub, restaurant, or even your own home.  Our watch parties typically draw between 5 and 25 people so make sure the location can accommodate a group that size.
    • Many TSF members are under 21 or have children, determine whether or not minors are allowed into the establishment you chose at the time of the match, and make sure everyone knows whether minors can attend your event (it’s okay to choose a place that does not allow minors, but please make sure people know this is the case so they don’t arrive and are turned away).
  2. Verify that the location can in fact show the game.  NCFC games are shown on Spectrum Sports (formerly TimeWarner Sports), WRAL-2, and ESPN3 (streaming).  A few matches each year will be on BeIN Sports. NC Courage matches are either on Lifetime Network or local broadcasts (to be confirmed by NCFC).   In order to show the game, the location must have Spectrum cable (formerly TWC), an Over-The-Air UHF antennae, or a streaming device such as Roku/AppleTV which can receive ESPN3.  For matches on BeIN Sports or Lifetime, please make sure the location’s satellite or cable package includes these channels (typically they do).
  3. Verify that there are no other conflicts with the time and date of your watch party.  Hosting a watch party opposite a big ACC basketball game or Duke/UNC/NCSU football game can lead to you competing for access to the TV or the inability to get th sound turned on for the soccer match.  Having a watch party somewhere that is hosting a live band or DJ is also not an optimal situation.
  4. Create an event in our Facebook Forum for your watch party.  Provide time/date/location details (as well as any restrictions on minors) in the Facebook Event invite .  When you create the event on Facebook, it will automatically invite all members of the TSF Facebook Forum.
    •  If you are hosting the event in your home, please indicate in the event invitation if you would like folks to bring refreshments or drinks for the event, and indicate the maximum number of RSVPs based on the size of crowd you think you can host at your home.
  5. Drop an email to and let us know about your event so we can add it our TSF Event Calendar and publicize it on our other social media channels.
  6. On the day of the event, arrive a few minutes before kickoff so you can coordinate with the bar or restaurant staff

We look forward to trying out some new places around the Triangle for match watching parties this year and look forward to our membership stepping up and hosting their own events at their favorite locations to watch soccer.

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