TSF Raises $500 for local Food Bank

Each Saturday night before a home match, Triangle Soccer Fanatics gathers in Lot C at WakeMed Soccer Park, brings lots of delicious food to share, and has a grand time breaking bread together.  At the end of the night, we nonchalantly toss the leftovers in the trash bins not thinking twice about what a luxury it is to share food with our friends.

Unfortunately, 73,000 of your neighbors in central and eastern North Carolina didn’t have that luxury last week. They worried about where they were going to get food.  It’s not hard to imagine the stress this puts on children, parents, and seniors who don’t make enough money to pay their bills, take care of their medical needs, and still have enough left over to buy groceries.

That’s where the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina steps up to help. Through over 800 local community partner agencies, the Food Bank distributes fresh and shelf-stable food to food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, day care centers and elderly care programs in 34 counties.

Triangle Soccer Fanatics is happy to report that as part of the Chef’s Academy Cook Off Kick Off challenge featuring RailHawks players competing against each other for the prize of “Top Chefs”, TSF was able to raise $500 by selling tickets to the event and soliciting donations from our members.

The overall event raised over $5,000 all of which goes directly to our local food bank for assistance right here in community.

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