Feed the RailHawks

Full bellies, Warm hearts, Can’t Lose!

To show the Carolina RailHawks players our appreciation for all the hard work they put in each season, Triangle Soccer Fanatics began in 2014 preparing a picnic luncheon for the team after a practice or a game at WakeMed Soccer Park.

All the food or the Feed the RailHawks event is prepared by and served by members of Triangle Soccer Fanatics.  The event gives our members a chance to get to know the players in a relaxed, off-the-field setting.

Each year, TSF organizes two Feed the RailHawks events — one in the Spring to welcome returning players back to the Triangle and new players to the team, and then again in the early Fall as the team begins its push towards the playoffs.

Participation in the Feed the RailHawks events are an exclusive benefit for TSF members.